Thursday, February 14, 2008

Customer service

It's Valentine's Day and I ordered some flowers from 1-800-Flowers for my other (better) half. They should have been delivered yesterday but it turns out that flowers and other items like fruit have to be inspected by the Ca. Dept. of Ag. for pests. I think that this is a good thing since CA produces a LOT of produce and it doesn't take much to ruin that. So inspections are reasonable.

No, what I'm annoyed about is that nowhere on the 1-800-Flowers site (or not where I could see it) does it mention that deliveries may be subject to delays due to inspection! If you know that there may be something that could intervene in the process that is out of your control, you owe it to the customer to say something about it.

It's no big thing since the flowers have been delivered today.

But still, I will think twice before ordering again from them.

Monday, February 11, 2008

First things first

It was bound to happen. I plan on posting some thoughts about sailing, photography and life in general.